Saturday, September 11, 2010


Sept. 11th 2010

Buggy being cute

waiting for the subway... so happy to be together again!

Love NYC

I had the most wonderful weekend in NYC... this city is so fun and so alive! I feel more alive being here. It is just nice to be away from Utah... no offense ;) The baby and I went out and got a cupcake at magnolia bakery, passed by NBC studios, Radio City music hall, MoMA, and many other fun places. I love being in the middle of it all... it was fashion week and there was a lot happening. We ate at some great restaurants... shopped... walked around the wall street area and found a street that is so europe (the subways make me miss my mission).

The highlight was being able to be at ground zero on September 11th. When it was light we saw white balloons floating upwards... and when the night came... two bright beams of light filled the space where the towers once were. All around us people stood in the streets, looking up... I could feel the patriotism in the air and it was amazing.

I am excited to further explore this city, and take better pictures... wish Bobby wasn't working so much :(


The Grampp Fam said...

How fun for your cute family! Like you said, it really is fun living outside of Utah, huh? ha. Enjoy your time there, and see you at Christmas (if you're back) :)

Heather @ Gerber Days said...

Sounds like a blast Ali! Keep posting pics! Miss you.

Er Bear said...

jealous, jealous, jealous!! I love NYC! Hope you are livin' it up as much as you can with a baby in tow:) Miss you!