Friday, February 5, 2010


I was just looking through some of the pictures taken at the hospital. It all seems so foggy to me... I can't believe how much we went through. I was such an emotional wreck! Thank you to everyone who had to put up with my hormones and craziness!

Kelli made this cute little hat for him the day he was born! She is so sweet! Thanks kel!

The IV reminded me of one of those braids I got in Jr. High when I went to the Caribbean... it was always hanging down and swinging around. If you are a girl reading this, you know you had one once too and loved every second.

Mom... what would I have done without you there??? Love your face and hope I'm as hot as you someday... can't believe you gave birth to six kids and have had ZERO plastic surgery, lipo, botox, etc. P.S. Thanks for the no stretch marks gene!

Proud Aunt Carli...

Sweet husbie of mine... last but not least, Bobby is so amazing! He got so emotional when his little man was born and he is so great with him. He always burps him, changes him, and gets up with him at night so I can sleep... can you believe that?! He even does all of this when he has 7:30 am class. I couldn't have done any of this without his help. I didn't even change one diaper in the hospital!