Thursday, December 9, 2010

it has been a few months...

is he a dream or what? time has passed since i last posted something on this pathetic blog... now that holly dolly has this amazing new camera, she has become my photographer! no more red eyes... well maybe there will be when i post my own pics. i am anything but a photographer with my old camera and no mac mac.

i am feeling great about life, except for the fact that my baby boy is growing up. i so wish i could freeze time and keep him little forever. today we went to barnes and noble and read books and i bought I'll love you forever... yes, i cried while reading it to him. he is 11 months tomorrow and cute as can be. he has two bottom teeth, loves books, anything that isn't a toy, and enjoys eating everything. i still bring him in bed with me, even though he can for sure sleep through the night, and i just can't get enough of my wittle bug.